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Thursday, 21 March 2024

Discover unparalleled living in one of Queenstown’s most sought-after locations.

What is the Remarkables View Subdivision?

The Remarkables View Subdivision is a premier residential area offering exceptional views over Frankton Marina. This development is meticulously planned across several phases and features over 200 diverse plots. Each plot, sold as a section, provides the opportunity for buyers to build bespoke residences. The latest release of these sections is now available, complete with titles and all necessary services extending to the boundaries. This presents outstanding residential construction possibilities along Middleton Road, Angelo Drive, McGregor Lane, and Lobb Lane.


Properties within the Remarkables subdivision boast architectural designs by some of Otago’s most celebrated architects. Given Queenstown's varied climate, these homes are built to endure, requiring minimal maintenance and providing comfort against the region's extreme weather conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious holiday retreat in one of Queenstown’s most picturesque and sought-after locales.


Perched above the newly established Frankton Marina, the subdivision commands panoramic views from The Crown Terrace to The Remarkables Mountain Range. Conveniently located just over 3 km from Queenstown International Airport and close to the amenities of Frankton’s shopping and entertainment districts, and less than 5 km from the heart of Queenstown Village, this development offers easy access to golf courses, cafés, ski fields, wineries, national parks, and lakeside paths.

Why we love the Remarkables Views housing development

The views from the Remarkables View Subdivision are truly unmatched, with sweeping vistas over Lake Wakatipu and across to the Remarkables Ski Fields. Strategic site selection and home orientation enhance access to natural light throughout the day while preserving the stunning views. A significant advantage of this development is the minimal restrictive covenants, allowing greater freedom in designing your ideal home. With plots ranging from 452 sqm to 3338 sqm, each offers unique views and characteristics.

Building Tips for Queenstown Hill

Located on Queenstown Hill, the Remarkables View development showcases spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and is proximate to Queenstown Airport to the south. The land’s challenging contour requires thoughtful design to maximize views and sunlight exposure from the north. Here are essential considerations for building in this remarkable setting:

  • Building Regulations / Covenants: Although the Remarkables View has fewer design controls, it is prudent to review any covenants and site-specific restrictions before commencing your project.
  • Site Contours: The steep terrain demands careful planning. The design should consider the site's slope and topography, as earthworks and excavation can significantly impact costs.
  • Building Design: A design that maximizes views while adapting to the site’s natural features and sunlight is crucial.
  • Sunlight: Despite the southern orientation, innovative design solutions such as high-level windows or strategically placed courtyards can optimise light intake during the shorter winter days.
  • Wind: Designing sheltered outdoor spaces that provide protection from the often-unpredictable winds while maintaining views is essential.

Site Selection Considerations:

Choosing the right site within the Remarkables View Subdivision is critical as it can significantly influence the final design and functionality of your home. Here are detailed factors to consider when selecting a site:

  • Orientation: The subdivision is generally oriented to the south, showcasing some of Queenstown's most iconic views of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkable mountains. Although finding a north-facing site might be challenging, the advantages of selecting corner sites should be considered. These sites typically receive less shading from neighbouring properties and can offer better light exposure.
  • Site Topography: The nature of the terrain is an important consideration. Flatter sites might be easier to build on, but the steep sites characteristic of this area can offer more dramatic views and unique design opportunities. Sites with access from the upper boundary might reduce costs associated with driveway and garage construction compared to those where access is lower.
  • Site Gradient: Understanding the gradient of the site is crucial. A steeper gradient may offer expansive views and unique architectural possibilities but can also increase construction costs due to the need for more extensive foundation work and retaining structures.
  • View Potential: Evaluate the potential for unobstructed views. Sites higher up may offer better panoramas, which are a significant selling point for homes in this area. It's also worth considering the future development around the site that could potentially block these views.
  • Sun Exposure: The sun's path should be a key consideration, especially in cooler months. Sites that can capture winter sun are more desirable, providing natural warmth and light. Design strategies such as positioning living areas on the sunnier side and using clerestory windows can help maximise light intake.
  • Wind Protection: The local climate can include strong winds. Selecting a site that allows for the design of sheltered outdoor living areas, such as courtyards and patios, can make a significant difference in the usability and comfort of outdoor spaces.
  • Proximity to Services: Consider the accessibility of local services, roads, and utilities, which can affect both the cost of building and the convenience of living in the subdivision.

If you are considering a purchase in the Remarkables View Development or need further guidance on site selection, our team at Nala Studios is ready to provide expert advice and support. Please do not hesitate to reach out for a comprehensive discussion tailored to your specific needs. We are eager to assist you in evaluating the advantages and potential challenges of individual sites at no cost.

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