Our commercial architecture work covers projects of any size and complexity. We provide design-led solutions with creative options to make the most of your space.

We are experienced working with the Auckland Unitary Plan and liaising with councils (Auckland and Queenstown in particular) to ensure a smooth approval process.

Commercial architecture projects include apartment buildings, terraced houses, mixed-use (commercial and residential) buildings, factories, multi-unit developments, commercial canopies, decks, alterations to existing multi-use buildings.Our designs take into consideration the requirements of a body corporate, resource consent, fire and structural engineering requirements, as well as any financing support you have in place

We’ll work with you from start to finish, from initial concepts and designs through to project completion to ensure your builder, tradespeople, engineers, and all the other required consults have all the design and planning information they need from us. We offer ongoing consolation services throughout the entire project if required.