How it Works

We can assist at any stage of a project – call us in early to make sure things run smoothly right from the ideas stage. Or feel free to get in touch once the project is underway and you need professional assistance to turn existing drawings you have into usable plans.

At Nala, our process usually runs like this:

Initial Meeting & Fee Proposal

We begin the briefing process, learning about what you need, what you like, what’s working/not working, what ideas you have, etc. We can often advise you at this first meeting whether you will need resource consent or other planning approvals. We’ll also give you an idea of what other providers may need to be engaged (e.g. planner, surveyor, civil engineer, structural engineer, fire engineer) so you can make informed decisions about your budget. (If we go ahead with your project, Nala will manage the consultants for you and consolidate all their information into one consolidated set of useable drawings.)

Now that we have all of the initial information we need about your project, we will present you with a fee proposal to approve. All stages will be broken down so you have a full understanding of where each of the costs lay


Site Survey & Concept Design

If you have an existing site that you want to build on, it will need to be surveyed. The survey will include details the structure of the land, highlighting any areas of concern (e.g. steep slope, limited access, etc) and services on it (e.g. drainage, water). From this we build a 3D plan of the site you’re building on.

 This is a collaborate, iterative process where we work together with you to design your property. We look at any pictures you’ve collected (yes, Pinterest can be very helpful here). We can start from a blank page or from drawings that have already been started for you. These concept drawings are not final – there is room to modify as we move through the process.


Resource Consent & Costing

If during the concept design stage we have determined that you need resource consent, we’ll organise that now. Here we'll need to engage the council to ensure they approve the design and architecture.

 A builder or quantity surveyor (QS) provides us with a build estimate, giving more detailed costings around what your build will cost.


Building consent

During the building consent phase, we lodge your plans with council and liaise directly with them for you. Once we have building consent, we give approved designs/plans to your builder in preparation for the build.


Build process – construction

Once the build gets underway, our involvement is as much or as little as you’d like. Some clients prefer to deal with the builders directly; others like to have us more involved, doing site visits. Whichever way you prefer to work, we’re always a phone call away. If anything needs changing, we can review things along the way (we can also liaise with council again if we need to).


Interior design

Once the building is underway, you’ll probably spend more time thinking about the interior design and fixtures. We have a lot of expertise in this area and can help as much or as little as you’d like. We can refer you to our trusted suppliers and in many cases help secure trade discounts on things like appliances, whiteware, carpets, tiles, plumbing fittings, fixtures


Project completion

Our work is not done until you’re delighted with your project. We keep an eye on things and are in touch with you right up until the end of the design and build, making sure that the end result is just how you want it.


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