Title: "Dual Living Delight: Two-for-One Family Homes on Queenstown Hill" Description: "Discover the perfect blend of family living and rental income potential with our dual residences atop Queenstown Hill. Enjoy modern aesthetics, spacious layouts, and breathtaking views."

Extended Family Home

Two-for-one Extended Family Home

We refer to this project as an extended family home because it is large enough for a family plus visitors. But it’s really two residences on one site in the Remarkable Views subdivision, set high on Queenstown Hill overlooking the lake. As the images show, the design encompasses two homes partially attached that can be used as one large home. Or the properties can be used as two fully self-contained residences, where the second home is rented out.

The Brief

The concept brief from our client was to design two dwellings on the same site so that they could live in one and rent out the other one for short-term rental accommodation. They wanted each house to be large enough to have three bedrooms, one and a half or two bathrooms each, plus spacious living and dining areas.

One of our main tasks was to situate the houses so that they were connected if one family wanted to use both spaces, but also to provide enough privacy between the two if the property was to be utilised as a home and income. 

The Design

The entrance to both homes is from the same level from the road. The family’s main home – we’ll call this house one – has a double garage. For this home, we have positioned the living, entertaining and dining areas upstairs, making the most of the views from those rooms on the top level.

House two, on the other hand, has its bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, with a partially covered deck on this level. The living spaces are downstairs, leading out to a covered courtyard and barbecue/fireplace area on the lower level.

Placing the outdoor living areas on different levels means that there is no looking in on each other and no obstruction of views. Offsetting the structures also allows for uninterrupted sunlight on fine days.

We used a simple gable design for the houses to make the most of the layouts. Using timber fins that replicate the gables in design, we’ve created covered courtyards. Some will have glass over them to provide protection, while others will be left alone, allowing for vines to grow along them.

A mixture of vertical timber with schist stonework gives these homes a beautiful, modern aesthetic that works well on the hillside.

The Result

We’ve been referring to this project as the Queenstown 2-in-1 home. But it’s actually a pair of homes that are large enough for two families to use separately. One will be occupied by our client and the second one will either be used when friends and family come to visit, or it can be used as a short-term rental property.

If you are thinking of purchasing a section in Queenstown and would like to understand if its multi unit capable, please don't hesitate to reach out to the team at Nala Studio Architects

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