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Friday, 5 January 2024

Architectural Renovations for Villas and Bungalows



At Nala Studio architects, there is nothing we love more than bungalow and villa renovations.
New Zealand is full of beautiful old villa and bungalows. Many of which carry historical significance and architectural charm. They often represent an era of craft and detail not commonly found in modern buildings. Renovating these structures offers us the opportunity to preserve and enhance historical elements, which can be both a rewarding challenge and a way to contribute to the preservation of the country's architectural heritage. Bungalows and villas typically come with unique architectural features such as ornate woodwork, high ceilings, and traditional layouts. These features present us with the canvas to blend old-world charm with contemporary design, allowing for creative expression in finding the right balance between maintaining the original character and updating the home for modern living.

Renovating existing homes, especially in established neighbourhoods, can have a positive impact on the community by revitalizing areas without the need for extensive new construction. This can help maintain the community's aesthetic and cultural identity while improving the quality of housing.


Villa Renovation allows for the integration of sustainable practices into existing structures. We can implement modern energy-efficient solutions, like better insulation, solar panels, and eco-friendly materials, which is both environmentally responsible and in line with New Zealand's growing emphasis on sustainability in construction. Although gaining Green Home Star accreditation on a Villa can be difficult, there are definitely a few areas that can improved to make a more passive home and reduce the environmental impact.
We love the challenge of retrofitting modern conveniences and possibly expanding living spaces within the constraints of existing historical structures can be complex but incredibly rewarding. Achieving a successful blend of functionality and style that respects the building's original architecture often leads to high satisfaction both for the architect and the client. By engaging in these renovations, we love to refine our skills in handling diverse architectural styles and modern technologies but also playing a crucial role in shaping the living spaces that define personal and community identities in New Zealand.

There is always a high demand in New Zealand for homes that reflect the nation’s distinct character while providing modern comfort and efficiency. Bungalows and villas are particularly popular among certain buyer demographics who value both the history and the unique look of these homes. A beautiful architectural renovation will on increase the demand on such properties.

We have extensive experience renovating villas and bungalows in heritage overlays and special character zones Auckland and Queenstown. Below you will find a link to the architectural villa and bungalow renovations we completed in 2023.

Nala Studio Architects - Bungalow and Villa Renovations 

If you are thinking about renovating your villa or bungalow, please reach out to the team at Nala Studio Architects. We would love to help.

Bungalow Renovations by Nala Studio Architects

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