Nala Studio Architects Features in Your Home And Garden Magazine

Saturday, 15 June 2024

Nala Studios are thrilled to feature in the June edition of Your Home And Garden.

Nala Studio Architects latest Mount Eden home renovation featured in the June edition of Your Home And Garden Magazine.


During the COVID lockdowns, the need for a home renovation in the Mount Eden bungalow became evident. The clients desired a modern yet characterful update to their bungalow, incorporating a swimming pool and sauna. The renovation included an additional bedroom and bathroom to accommodate a family of four, entertainment spaces, and modern conveniences while preserving the home's historical charm.

Notable features include an en suite conversion, clever storage solutions, and a multifunctional media room. The redesign focused on functionality and enjoyment, culminating in a home that offers both a personal oasis and practical living spaces, complete with an updated pool area and enhanced outdoor amenities.

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